“… Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut, because you have a little power, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name.” – Jesus, Revelation 3:8


A man asked a distributor what she was offering.  He became interested, met with local and North African Christians, and began to attend church. Today he is living in his home country, still a clear witness of the Lord.

A woman with several children refused the materials until she saw the children’s Wonder Book. Then she accepted the entire packet.

A young man who heard the gospel while sitting on a curb, convincingly prayed a prayer to receive Christ in both Spanish and Arabic..

In a port terminal a woman smiled and nodded as she listened to the gospel. She repeated the prayer aloud, indicating receiving Jesus Christ.

A driver with a carload of travelers eagerly accepted a JESUS DVD upon hearing why God sent Jesus. Three passengers refused, but hearing how Jesus forgave the distributor, one reached out to take a packet.

Two women  accepted the gift after hearing an explanation of what it was. As the distributor walked away, they opened the packet, glanced inside the New Testament, and then put it away in their luggage.

Two young men refused a packet, with one saying he already had it and the other explaining why he would not take it. The distributor showed them John 1:1-14.  Moved, the second man took More than a Carpenter.

Three men of varying ages in a crowded terminal, urged on by the oldest, accepted packets. One later returned the gift; he had too much to carry. He lit up, however, when the distributor handed him a DVD.

A woman gladly listened to evangelists, holding their hands as they spoke.  She could not read so the evangelists explained the JESUS DVD. She planned to watch it once she returned to North Africa.

Two teenagers indicated receiving Christ when  Spanish neighbors shared the gospel with them. The Spaniards had recently been taught to witness in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Four North African men also shared their faith boldly after similar training in Arabic.

Three teenagers listened to the gospel after one said he read the New Testament online.  Another had the New Testament and said he received Christ while reading it. The third invited Christ into his life as they spoke.