A couple, on their phase 1 lockdown walk, heard Arabic music from a parked car.  They offered a packet which was accepted decisively.

A man going to an end-of-Ramadan meal, refused the packet. When offered a USB he changed, accepting it with profuse appreciation.

A young man was reading the Wonder Book on some secluded steps.

Two men sitting, one using his phone, accepted USB drives. The phone-user mentioned Jesus over the phone and to the other man.

In a big city, after hearing a distributor’s personal story, a North African journalist and her friend made decisions to receive Christ.

A man sought to read a gospel presentation. A man tried to  dissuade him. The distributor then shared the Gospel’s importance using his story. The man held on  and a young guy nearby accepted a packet.

A woman accepted a packet, but, due to Covid-19, suddenly seemed scared. She took some tissues and grabbed the packet with them.

A vender at a flea market began to read his New Testament. Someone grabbed his books, throwing them beyond recovery. The distributor gave the vendor a USB, to his great delight.

A woman laughed with joy upon getting the New Testament, JESUS DVD, More than a Carpenter, and Wonder Book.

A young man, harshly rebuked for taking a packet, entered the port determinedly keeping his gift.  Similarly rebuked, an older couple gently held on to theirs.

A woman accepted a packet without hesitation and asked for a second one to give a friend. She then began to read.

A man spoke positively about having a packet before. He accepted a USB to listen to the audio of the JESUS film.